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Supply Chain Delays: How Long Does It Take Rackley To Get Materials?

Supply Chain Delays: How Long Does It Take Rackley To Get Materials?

Supply chain delays: How long does it take Rackley to get materials?

Supply Chain Delays: How Long Does It Take Rackley To Get Materials?

As a commercial building owner, you have time constraints on construction projects. Delays in the supply chain for materials can result in a missed deadline. With the current environment, building owners are understandably concerned about these delays. At Rackley Roofing, we understand the effect this can have on business. Our staff is experienced in commercial roofing replacements and the unique demands of this type of construction. We strive to be transparent about ordering materials to make you aware of any possible delays in acquiring materials for your roof replacement so that you can manage your expectations accordingly. 

Supply Chain Delay: Impact On The Roofing Industry

Materials shortages affect all types of industries, and the roofing industry is no exception. Adhesives, fasteners, screws, and certain roofing membranes can be items affected by delivery issues. Insulation is an essential material in roofing. A significant amount is needed for certain commercial buildings. A roofing project that requires insulation will only be able to move forward with this material. Scheduling these deliveries in advance is important.

The correct R-Value of insulation is necessary and can’t be substituted with a lesser-grade product. This can put a strain on manufacturing and shipping concerns for specific materials. An experienced commercial roofing company understands the process of coordinating these deliveries to minimize delay issues. 

Reasons For Materials Delivery Delays 

  • Size of the Project – A large roofing replacement requires more supplies. With shortages widespread, this may involve ordering from multiple suppliers from different locations. A roofing company experienced in large commercial projects understands how to coordinate various deliveries.
  • Manufacturing Delays – Delays during the pandemic were high. Though these delays have eased in recent months, certain aspects of the manufacturing process still take longer to complete. Longer lead times are needed to obtain various manufacturing supplies.
  • Price Increases – There have been increases in essential construction products in recent years. The growth has affected asphalt, shingles, and other materials used in roofing. Having work completed with today’s prices will protect you from increases in the future. 
  • Labor Shortages – The labor market has been experiencing a shortage in recent times. Skilled workers are in demand. This shortage adds time to many aspects of the construction industry. Skills from truck drivers to manufacturing technicians are in short supply.

Port Congestion

Meanwhile, ships are waiting in US ports to load and unload goods. The reason is a matter of disagreement. Some argue the lack of dock workers or truck drivers is to blame. Others believe the culprit is a lack of shipping containers. Warehouses are filled to the maximum with no space for additional goods. Whatever the real problem, the result is that material delivery is delayed. 

This situation has been easing recently, but contractors could still experience residual delays for specific items.

How to Expedite the Process

  • Communicate your concerns – Rackley Roofing is happy to discuss your specific turnaround times and recommends products with a quicker delivery window. Our qualified staff is always aware of potential delay issues.
  • Be flexible Consider alternate materials or do emergency repairs immediately. Ask your contractor about the availability of the roofing materials that you are installing on your building. Not all supplies are affected by delays. A similar product may be available in a shorter period. 
  • Honest Expectations – Have a fair expectation of the time necessary for material delivery. This will keep you ahead of schedule rather than feeling like you need to catch up on your projected completion time.
  • Schedule in Advance – Planning is always advisable for any construction project. Allowing extra time pays off in the long run by helping to minimize surprises and delays.

These possible delays should not discourage you from installing a new roof on your commercial building. Delaying the project could mean costly repairs will be necessary over time. Moisture entering your building can cause mold growth. Keeping these factors in mind and working closely with a reputable roofing company will minimize delays. At Rackley Roofing, we are committed to keeping our customers informed on the progress during a roof replacement project.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict every delay. But taking steps from the start to minimize the problem is essential. In most cases, there are better ways to combat supply chain issues than delaying your roofing project. Getting an early start on construction is a much more effective way to deal with delay issues.

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Please contact Rackley Roofing for your commercial roofing projects. Let our experienced professionals guide you through a roof replacement with minimal unexpected delays. We respect your time commitments and do our best to meet completion times. Our goal is unmatched customer service and safety. We have been proudly serving customers in Tennessee since 1974. Let’s get started on a new roof for your commercial building today!

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