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What type of roofs do you work on?

We work on all types of commercial roof systems.  We service and maintain Metal, TPO, EPDM, PVC just to name a few.  We are a Tier One installer for all the major manufactures of roofing products.  Rackley Roofing has a well-known reputation in our industry for quality and being accountable for the roof systems we install and maintain. 

Why do I need my roof inspected?  I have a 20-year warranty already.

I am glad you asked.  Most manufactures have as part of their warranty requirements items that should be completed to maintain your warranty.  They indicate that your roof should be inspected once or twice a year by qualified roofing contractor and after major weather events.  This ensures you are doing the things necessary to maintain your roof and your warranty.  By doing so you will also extend the life of your roof and can reduce the cost associated with future roof replacement. 

How long can you hold your pricing?

Due to material escalation and availability, pricing may not be able to be guaranteed. The best advice I can give is to proceed as quickly as possible in the contract phase of your project with your Rackley representative so that you can mitigate the costs of roofing materials. We’ve seen owners save up to 30% by making a quick decision.

I’ve heard about supply chain delays in many industries. How long does it take you, give the current environment, to get materials?

It depends on the size of the project and choice of materials. Smaller projects like repairs and those requiring less materials can move quickly. We may even have the materials in stock to complete the project. A couple of thoughts to help move things along: If you need a quick turnaround you need to communicate that with your Rackley representative, and they can suggest materials to complete your project. Flexibility on the type of roof system can help us deliver a quicker turnaround schedule.

If I sign a contract with you today, when can you have people here to work on my roof?

As soon as we receive the signed contract, we coordinate with our project managers and field personnel along with our material suppliers to schedule your installation. The longer it takes to move past the contract phase, the longer it takes to get the wheels rolling. Once the materials arrive, it’s as simple as supplying the labor to get it done.

What area do you cover?  Can you help with assessments at other locations?

We are a regional roofing company; we cover all of Tennessee with offices in Carthage, Murfreesboro, Mount Juliet, Knoxville and Cleveland, we also cover our surroundings states. We can help with assessments at other locations however we will likely include charges for our travel expenses. If it’s not cost effective for the client, we will help with recommendations for roofing companies in their area.

Do you warranty your repairs?

We offer workmanship warranties for our repairs for 1 year. We highly recommend our RoofCheck program for those interested in extending the life of their roof and looking for an extended warranty. If the roof qualifies this will provide a longer warranty than our typical 1-year repair warranty as well as a proactive maintenance program which will help catch minor repairs before they become major leaks.

I’ve had other roofers look at my roof.  Why are your recommended repairs/scope so different from theirs?

All roofing companies evaluate roofs differently. Our approach is to focus on a 28-point system which highlights the areas of the roof that will most likely fail. Not only do we focus on the areas that are causing issues currently, but we look at the roof with a proactive view and call out areas that will likely leak in the near future. Our goal is to get our client’s roof in the dry and extend its life.

Tell me more about safety…

Safety is very important to Rackley and we hope it is to you as our customer, as well.  We have an EMR of .67, which is almost unheard of in the roofing industry. EMR (experience modification rate) is the system created by insurance companies to determine the safety rating of companies.  The industry average is 1 and we are well below this number.

We are able to achieve this rating by training and retraining ALL employees. We have two OSHA 30 instructors on staff. A full time Safety director who regularly does field audits, as well as 3rd party who stops on jobsites to do safety audits. 

We use in-house employees, so we know the people we are putting on your roof, this ensures that everybody truly believes in the safety culture and has been through the proper training.

Why do I need RoofCheck agreement if you are doing all the needed repairs now?  What is the benefit to me?

The repairs we perform bring your roof to a condition that is safe and watertight. RoofCheck keeps it in that condition as we perform biannual inspections to keep your gutters free of debris and repair any minor issues, we find during these inspections for the next three years. RoofCheck is our unique way of maintaining and keeping your roof in excellent condition.

When can you be here?

When people ask this question, I ask them when would you like us here? That way I know how eager they are and let’s them know we are willing to work and do everything possible to meet their need.  We try to look at everything when scheduling our crews.

We never know if our contractor is coming or not. What does Rackley do differently?

One of the major differences between other contractors and Rackley would be our company is separated into two divisions. Production and Service. Production personnel, tear roofs off and install new roof systems. Service personnel are dedicated to leak investigation/repair, contract roof repair and RoofCheck maintenance. 

We are one company, but the two divisions don’t mix. Meaning, in a heavy rain event you’re getting the correctly trained Technicians that are at your facility for the sole purpose to help accurately diagnose and repair a roof leak. We don’t pull production guys/gals to help with leaks on a rain day. 

High levels of communication. Our Service Coordinators drive the Service Division! A service request to report a leak, generates a confirmation. Scheduling to be onsite for repairs, clients receive the communication before our arrival, so they can plan accordingly. We’re not perfect, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Our clients will have that communication, not left wandering if their contractor will be onsite. Communication!

Documentation. All leak repairs, service contract repairs, RoofCheck maintenance, invoicing etc, are provided written report form. All history of our clients bldgs., assets are compiled in our database. Property manager needs to verify a repair in a tenant space from a year ago, can be retrieved and produced in minutes. We also can set up a client portal for easy access to this information as well

Safety. All service personnel are OSHA 10 & 30 trained. We are 100% OSHA compliant; we are working safely on our clients’ facilities and properties. We need our employees to return home safely to their families and loved ones, every day.

These are a few differences between Rackley and other contractors. Curious, is this how your relationship with your roofing contractor looks?

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