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Commerce Center Project Gallery

Commerce Center Project Gallery

Rackley Roofing did a great job on replacing the roof at CCE and one at the Saks Fifth Ave. building.  At both locations there were difficult tenants and you guys did a great job on giving us a schedules, progress reports and addressed any issue quickly.   You gave us great reports and  informed me of changes before and work took place so I could prepare the tenants.  Both roof replacement went great.

Though as far as CCE.  Just wanted to write and express my experience we had with Rackley Roofing on a very large roof replacement for a commercial office building. We had bad storms in the area the night before so we did roof inspection in the morning. During an inspection we found the roof was flapping up and down.  We called Rackley Roofing and they were onsite at the building within 45 minutes. They  bought sand bags and a few roofers to place these bags throughout the roof to prevent it from blowing off.  They bid a full roof replacement with the removal of two roofs. They had a great presentation and information on the new roof and warranties and they had the best price.  They presented a schedule with a map of the roof and staged the areas they would be working in so we were informed  prior to the start of any work on the roof. This allowed us to inform the tenant so they could work around these areas.  What was great is any time we asked them to stop because of the noise they did and then moved to another area on the roof.  They were very accommodating to us and our tenants. Eventually they completed the project at night. Any issues that arose they addressed them quickly and worked with us and the tenants to complete the roof without any major issues.  They gave us bi weekly status reports on progress until the project was completed.   I would highly recommend Rackley Roofing because they are reliable, the kept us informed and they cared about our tenants as well and they did a great job.

Thank you

Linda Celli, CPM

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