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Rackley Roofing’s 6 Core Values: How To Be Accountable

Rackley Roofing’s 6 Core Values: How To Be Accountable

How To Be Accountable

Rackley Roofing’s 6 Core Values: How To Be Accountable

At Rackley Roofing, we have six core values, Humble, Hungry, Smart, Innovative, Accountable, and Customer Focused, and each one is integral to who we are. Accountability means you’re responsible for your actions and decisions. Two of our team members who demonstrate what it means to be accountable are Austin Thomas and Eric McMillan.

Why Is Being Accountable Important?

When we’re accountable it means our customers can rely on Rackley and trust us. Eric says, “If you don’t do what you say you will, customers will lose trust in you.” We strive to be reliable and trustworthy for our customers everyday. Austin says, “I’m accountable because I don’t want to leave anyone hanging. I want people to be able to trust me to do what I say I’m going to do.”

How Does It Help?

Knowing we are accountable in everything we do plays a critical role in allowing our customers to have peace of mind. We want our customers to know we’ll deliver for them. It’s about building trust and meeting client expectations.

How Are We Accountable Each Day?

Each and every day Rackley is there doing what we say will. We know it’s frustrating having someone not follow through on their promises and we won’t let it happen to our customers. Austin sums it up perfectly with, “We do what we say we are going to do.”

How Does Being Accountable Help Rackley Be The Best?

By being accountable, we’re going to get the work done no matter what. We always deliver on our word and will make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the product we deliver. Austin and Eric both talk about a recent project, “With the recent tornado we had a building with substantial roof blow off. We were able to get their roof in working order before the next rainstorm. There were over 30 team members on the roof for 24 hours a day for three days to get their roof fixed.” This just goes to show the dedication we have to serving our customers.

If you need commercial roofing services in Tennessee, Rackley Roofing is here to help. We guarantee you’ll get the best services possible. Contact us today for your next commercial roofing project.

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