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Discover the Roofing Solutions You Need: Exploring Rackley’s Top 4 Services

Discover the Roofing Solutions You Need: Exploring Rackley’s Top 4 Services

Discover the Roofing Solutions You Need: Exploring Rackley's Top 4 Services

Discover the Roofing Solutions You Need: Exploring Rackley’s Top 4 Services

Owning and running a commercial business venture demands a lot of time and energy–even the buildings require thoughtful planning & careful maintenance. Rackley Roofing would like to lighten that load for business owners and managers. They know how important it is to have reliable roofers for commercial buildings. They provide high-quality roofing services to help ensure a customer’s property stays well-protected from the elements at all times. Rackley Roofing is happy to offer the following services to building owners in the Southeastern US.

Roof Repairs

A commercial roof must be in good condition to protect people and their businesses. Rackley’s roofing experts can make timely repairs, whether a customer has a minor issue or a significant problem, such as severe storm damage. Although a commercial roof should last many years, it can sustain damage. When damage occurs, the building is at an increased risk for problems on the interior of the building, such as water damage. Rackley offers prompt repairs for roofing damage to help lower the risks to the interior, keeping the building and the people inside safe. Whether the roof has been impacted by severe weather or has deteriorated through wear and tear occurring over time, Rackley Roofing is there to help. Their roofing professionals know how to find the cause of damage to the roof and get it fixed quickly.

Roofing Replacement and Installation Services

Whether there is a need for a roof replacement or for a roof installation on a newly built commercial building, depend on Rackley Roofing for outstanding service. They understand how important it is to have roofing done properly. Their team will make sure every part of the installation or replacement process is handled with expert care, including removing current roofing materials and thoroughly cleaning up after a new roof has been installed.

They offer replacements and installations with commercial materials, including TPO and EPDM. Rackley’s experts will help customers choose the best type of material for their new roof based on the design and construction of the building. They have several materials available, including metal and shingles. They also have their own in-house department for sheet metal fabrication for all the metal components for the building. This ability provides customers with custom sheet metal options for roofs that would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to secure from other places.

During roof installations, Rackley’s professional roofers provide customers with updates each day. This communication helps the customer stay aware of the progress of the installation process. They are also available to handle any questions or concerns about the replacement or installation.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are an important part of making sure a commercial roof is in excellent condition. Whether a customer needs an inspection done for repairs or maintenance, Rackley Roofing’s knowledgeable inspectors can help. They have expertise in examining roof and gutter systems to check for signs of damage or problems that need to be corrected.

As part of their inspection services, they provide customers with a Roof Report. This report includes a detailed list of any and all issues Rackley’s team finds with the roof. They can then recommend a course of action to correct the problems.

At Rackley Roofing, they use infrared scanning technology, which allows them to inspect larger areas of your roof as efficiently as possible. This technology shows where a customer might have moisture problems or other issues. With this scanning technology, they can conveniently determine exactly where a problem is occurring.

Rackley roof inspector on commercial roof performing Commercial Roof Inspections

Their inspection services also include checking the building envelope for signs of problems, so customers can have them addressed promptly. This means inspecting the roofing system, flooring, foundation, walls, windows, and other areas that separate the interior of the building from the exterior. Doing so helps lower the risk of mold growth, staining, moisture, air leaks, and other problems.

Roof Maintenance

Man looking at computer with Rackley Roof Check

All roofs require routine maintenance to remain in good condition. At Rackley Roofing, they offer the RoofCheck program to customers. This program includes preventative maintenance and cleanings. These services provide customers with a plan to ensure their roof stays safe.

When Rackley does RoofCheck maintenance, they will provide customers with detailed information on what tasks they perform to keep the roof in good shape and let them know about any issues they find. Customers should plan to have maintenance done on their commercial roofs a couple of times per year.

Rackley’s roof cleanings include clearing out gutters (removing leaves and other debris). Doing this allows rainwater to run through the gutters and away from the roof and the perimeter of your building, where it has the potential to cause damage to the foundation. 

Contact Rackley Roofing

For roofing services for a commercial building, contact Rackley Roofing today. They offer dependable repairs, maintenance, inspections, installation, and replacement services throughout the Southeastern United States. Their friendly staff would be happy to help answer questions and schedule an appointment for an estimate!

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